Norway, brakteat 1177-1202 (1840 provenance)

Norway, brakteat with “X” dated 1177-1202, struck under King Sverre Sigurdsson. Extremely Fine condition. A particular glue residue on the reverse indicates that this coin comes from Anders Andersen’s coin find in Dæli, Norway, 1840. Some brakteats were glued onto pieces of paper and sold to collectors by the History Museum in Oslo, Norway, during the 19th Century. It is practically impossible to find better a provenance for a Norwegian coin. Schive VII:121; NM 21; Skaare 140. 0,09 g.

Protocol no. 4657

On Norwegian coins dated pre-1537 export restrictions may apply. brakteats from Sverre Sigurdsson have been exported with permission many times before. 

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