Norwegian and British Medals awarded J. W. Blackburn

Norway / Great Britain, a rare Great War Trio medal and a Norwegian Medal of Heroic Deeds (life saving medal) awarded to Engineer James William Blackburn (born in Hull, UK, 1 December 1881). In addition to the Norwegian medal the medal lot contains a 1914-1915 Bronze Star, a 1914-1920 War Medal in silver and a 1919 Victory Medal. All medal awards are documented in enclosed documents from the British National Archives and the Norwegian government (original diploma). 

The Norwegian Medal of Heroic Deeds was awarded J. W. Blackburn 22 February 1930 after rescuing shipwrecked crew members from m/s Georg, capsized in the North Sea 21 December 1929. The ship transported wood pulp from Greåker in Norway to Sunderland in the United Kingdom, but got surprised by a storm during nighttime, and the crew had to leave the ship. 

Literature: Barac 158, 159 and 162 for the British medals and Hallberg II: 11 for the Norwegian medal. 

The medals and the diploma are mounted in a frame by Thereses kunstsalong, Oslo. An extra shipping charge may be added to the purchase.

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