Thuringia, bracteate from Landgrave Ludwig III the Pious (1172-1190)

Germany, bracteate dated 1172-1190, struck under Landgrave (Landgraf) Ludwig III the Pious (der Fromme) of Thuringia. Gotha mint. Very Fine to Extremely Fine condition. This impressive and beautiful bracteate gives us, in detail, a unique insight into 12th Century armour. One can see a pointed helmet, the almond-shaped kite shield, the neck strap that helped to hold up the shield, and the stirrup, among other things. There are some signs of wear on the edge, but this is not uncommon for this coin type. These very thin bracteates were not made for long-term circulation; rather, they were replaced with new bracteates, sometimes every second year, depending on the political situation in the area in which they circulated (Swenson 2020). 

This coin type is listed as the fifth most expensive medieval bracteate on (Oct. 2020), and has recently (Jan. 2022) been sold for EUR 26,400 (ca. USD 30.000). 

Kestner 2201-2; Bonhoff 1308-10; Löbbecke 752-4. 44 mm, 0,87 g.

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