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High Quality Bracteates

We have published another two amazing bracteates the last two weeks. The first one was a huge bracteate measuring 44 mm, struck under Konrad I von Wittelsbach, archbishop of Mainz. It…
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15% of all sales on Denarius.no goes to Children and Families in Ukraine!

Dear fellow numismatist, Collecting and studying numismatics are two interests that have no national borders. One will find researchers, buyers and dealers in any country in the world. It is,…
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Impressive bracteate from Landgrave Ludwig III the Pious

Dear fellow numismatist!I have the pleasure of announcing that Denarius will be offering a small collection of very impressive bracteates from medieval Europe the next weeks. The series starts this week with a huge…
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The Final Proof Banknote for 5 Kroner 4th Edition

The planning of the 4th edition was started with a public competition already in 1930. Six drafts from various artists and architects were rewarded and purchased by the central bank.…
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