Denarius, registered 26. March 2014, is your specialist dealer in coins and banknotes.

In 2017 Denarius became a member of the Norwegian Coin dealer Assocation. You can find both numismatic objects and blog posts on This is our way to meet the modern numismatic world. The modern numismatist is not tied to a certain geographical area. Nor does he or she think about openings hours: the internet never closes! Denarius serves all kinds of customers. Both professional numismatists and newcomers will find objects at Denarius. They will both trust unconditionally in the items’ quality and authenticity.

Denarius is owned by Marius Ringsrud. He received his masters degree in Classical Studies in 2008, and his thesis was about Lydian coins. Ringsrud has since published articles in the Nordic Numismatic Union’s journal, The Norwegian National Archives’ journal “Arkivmagasinet”, the annual pricelist “Norges Mynter”, Coins Weekly and World Coin News. He has also participated in the numismatic debate in national media. References are available on request.

Denarius is based in Oslo, and we are available by post and e-mail. You may also call us during the evening.