Gold and silver coins from the Akerendam shipwreck 1725

Gold and silver coins from the Akerendam shipwreck. This ship, owned by the Dutch Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie was originally on its way to Batavia, but accidentally ended up on the Norwegian coast. In 1725 it capsized outside Runde in Sunnmøre, Norway. The whole crew, including Captain Niclaas de Roy, died. The treasure was found and taken up from the bottom of the sea in 1972. This original box from the first sales of the coin treasure contains: 

Netherlands, Utrecht, ducat (gold!) 1724. Fr. 284; KM 7.1; Rønning 1. 3,47 g. 

Spanish Netherlands, Phillip IV, ducaton 1662. Dav. 4454; KM 72.1; Rønning 2. 28,76 g.

Mexico, Phillip V, 8 reales 1700-1724. KM 47; Rønning 5. 25,46 g.

Netherlands, Holland, 2 stuiver 1724 (two coins). KM 48; Rønning 4. 1,21 g; 1,35 g.

The coins are all in good condition considering they have been in sea water for hundreds of years. 

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