We have published another two amazing bracteates the last two weeks. The first one was a huge bracteate measuring 44 mm, struck under Konrad I von Wittelsbach, archbishop of Mainz. It is truly an impressive bracteate and it is still up for grabs!

Bracteate 1183-1200, struck under Konrad I von Wittelsbach, archbishop of Mainz. 44 mm; 0,71 g.
This week’s bracteate is a coin from Bishop Gero von Schermbke in Halberstadt (Germany). The coin dating 1160-1177 is in exceptional condition and the patina, with its blue colour, could not be better. On it we see Saint Stephan and the bishop himself.
Bracteate 1160-1177, struck under Bishop Gero von Schermbke in Halberstadt. Obv: Bust of Saint Stephan with raised hands. Bishop Gero von Schermbke with crozier underneath. 0,85 g.

We have some more exciting bracteates that will be published the upcoming weeks. But we also have other interesting topics that will come up in 2022. Among other things, we have an exceptional collection of medals from the coronation of Norway’s King Haakon VII and Queen Maud in 1906. King Haakon had been elected to become the first king of a free Norway after several hundred years of subordination to Denmark and Sweden.We wish you a good weekend and remind you of our fundraiser for children and families in Ukraine.