Norway, skilling 1524-1533

Norway, skilling dated 1524-1533 (ND), struck under King Frederik I in Bergen. Very Good to Fine condition. In 1526 Lord Vincent Lunge of Bergenhus, received a letter from King Frederik I, ordering him to produce new coins in Bergen. On 3rd April 1527, Lord Lunge ordered moneyer Hans to produce coins of two different denominations, skilling and hvid. From 1530, coins with the skilling denomination from the Bergen mint were dated. Since the skilling we have for sale is undated, we should be able to narrow down its production to sometime between 1527 and 1529 based on this. Schive XVI:14/16; S. 22; Skaare 314; NMD 7. Ex. Oslo Mynthandel AS auction no. 5 lot 12 (11 October 1980); Oslo Mynthandel AS auction no. 32 lot 305 (29 October 1993). 1,9 g. 

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